pinit fg en rect gray 20   Farrar Happy with 4th Place Finish in Oman Tour

farrar happy with 4th place finish in oman tour   Farrar Happy with 4th Place Finish in Oman Tour

It was a good finish for Tyler Farrar of Team Garmin-Transitions as he ended up in 4th place in the first stage of the inaugural 2010 Tour of Oman.

The American rider talked with lead-out teammate Robert Hunter about his experience of riding in the dark during last Sunday’s race, and said that he was not ready to take the risks of doing an all-out sprint in those conditions.

“I tried to get up there but I wasn’t ready to commit that little bit and take those extra risks in the dark,” he says. “I was debating if I wanted to try and sprint in these conditions because it was just not worth taking the risk.”

It wasn’t all bad news for the Garmin-Transitions rider, however, since he unexpectedly found himself within reach of Team Sky’s lead-out train near the end. Farrar grabbed the opportunity to latch on and secure a safer ride to the finish line, where he placed fourth.

He says that considering the racing conditions, getting 4th place was a pretty good finish, and adds that the utmost concern was to avoid getting involved in a crash.

A crash indeed seemed inevitable, what with more than a hundred racers going tightly around a dark course that also lacked enough barriers to separate the competitors from the fans. Farrar summed it well enough when he commented, “”It was dangerous out there. I think it would have been much better if we’d done it at four in the afternoon instead of at seven at night.”

But somehow, the peloton survived without a single crash, and Farrar is already looking forward to the next stage. He mentions that he is also happy to be racing here in Oman where he could enjoy the sun, as compared to racing in the coldness of Europe’s courses. “It’s a great way to start the year.”