pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

dahon biologic iphone bike mount   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

Aside from having the fresh wind brush against your face and the cool air breeze through you, music to your ears with your favorite tunes would just be peachy as you ride your bike. The BioLogic Bike Mount from Dahon is the perfect casing that can hold your Apple iPhone or iPod.

Dahon is banking on the applications like Google map and other GPRS “sat-nav” applications you can download on your iPhone. This can then track your position, calculate speed and distance and other mapping functions.

The case is made to protect any device from outside elements like rain, mud, or sand. It has a mount that uses a plastic Jubilee style strap that allows easy mounting on handlebars with its 6mm Allen key. The mount can also rotate in any direction to accommodate portrait and landscape modes, depending on the user’s discretion.

The BioLogic bike mount has a touch screen cover welded to it, sheathing the camera port. It also has silicone lining on the underside of its shell which is shock resistant. There is also a hinge opening with clip fastener on the mount for easy clip on attachments. The case is compatible with your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and 3Gs and iPod Touch.

To the rider who likes smooth tunes and moves, the BioLogic Bike Mount serves well for music, communication and tracking purposes.