pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cyclists Enjoy Street Poetry in Lisbon

cyclists enjoy street poetry lisbon   Cyclists Enjoy Street Poetry in Lisbon

Somewhere in Lisbon, Portugal there is an unprecedented literary work of art on display along the banks of the Tagus River. There lies a bicycle lane with poetry printed on the asphalt. An excerpt from the poem “The Keeper of Sheep” penned by Fernando Pessoa is the thought-provoking poem painted on the lane in large bold letters.

I never kept sheep,
But it is as I did watch over them.
My soul is like a shepherd,
Knows the wind and the sun,
And goes hand in hand with the Seasons

Cyclists who love to ride along the river banks alone or in a group, now have a poem to keep them company. This refreshing idea makes you ponder on life experiences and more as you ride your bike. It also adds a modern take to the panoramic view of the river.

An excellent concept on making art and exercise converge, this is a wonderful addition to the Slow Bicycle Movement. It promotes the idea that it is all about the journey and not necessarily, the destination.

Source: Copenhagenize