pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cycling Expedition Opens in India

cycling expedition opens in india   Cycling Expedition Opens in India

A bicycling expedition has just been opened for registration by Tour d’Afrique, a bike tour company based in Toronto, Canada. The 2011 Indian Adventure Bicycle Expedition, which launches in January next year, will begin in Agra (at the Taj Mahal) and end in Kanyakumari (south of the Indian sub-continent).

The route for the 2011 Indian Adventure Bicycle Expedition was designed by Brendan McLean, and will allow riders to pedal their way from the famed Taj Mahal and through a scenic itinerary which includes the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Mannar, the desert cities in Rajasthan, and the beaches in Goa.

Participants in this bicycle tour will enjoy more than a month of riding (37 days, to be exact) with at least nine days for rest and relaxation in between the rides. There will be an entry fee of 3,850 euros for each participant, with a 100 euro registration fee for reservations. The entry fee also includes tour leaders to accompany the riders on thee trip, plus vehicle support and lodgings on the nightly stops.

The 2011 Indian Adventure Bicycle Expedition was dubbed as a Tour d’Afrique “DreamTour” and is being promoted online. The amount of cyclists that have registered has already made this cycling adventure a confirmed departure. Participants can choose to go for the Agra to Kanyakumari “Full Tour”, or select shorter adventures like the Agra to Mumbai “Kings and Sultans” tour, and the Mumbai to Kanyakumari “Bollywood and Beaches” tour.

Each tour offers a selection of different rates, dates, and distances. For the Full Tour (Jan. 29-Mar. 15), participants will have to shell out 3,850 euros. For the “Kings and Sultans” tour (Jan. 29-Feb. 17), it will be 2,000 euros, and for the “Bollywood and Beaches” tour (Feb. 19-Mar. 15), 2,200 euros.