pinit fg en rect gray 20   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

contour hd bike helmet camera   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

Nowadays, documenting your ride meant uploading this online and sharing it with the world. The Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera allows you to do this easily. A wire-free camera that is easy to use, the Contour HD camera lets you record in 720 HD. The camera delivers crisp colours and live action without any complicated configurations.

This helmet camera has many features. It is compatible to PC and Mac. It can be used with any application software. You can watch your video playback via Quick Time or on any other computer hardware. It supports MicroSD cards and HD cards up to 16 GB.

With 135 degree glass lens, video recording during any time of the day is also not a problem. The lens can be rotated to180 degrees so you can adjust views easily. There are also twin lasers to guide you on horizon and orientation settings.

The Contour HD Helmet Camera weighs only 116 grams. The camera has built-in rails where it is securely mounted. It is also waterproof.

You may need to shell out more than you would want to for a helmet camera, but with the Contour HD Helmet Camera, the quality videos say it all.