pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cedric Garcia on San Marco Dirty

cedric garcia san marco dirty   Cedric Garcia on San Marco Dirty

The San Marco Dirty line has a new endorser in the face of Cedric Gracia. The French mountain biker founded the CG Brigade Racing team and will compete under this team come this season. He has tested the Zoncolan model during his winter training and will definitely use its different types of Skull and Dirty saddles specially designed for tough off-road races in the world. These varied types are distinctly identified with its aggressive graphics and technical devices best suited to meet the demands of any biker.

The San Marco Dirty line, an Italian company is proud to have their Dirty products identified with such a popular biker as Cedric Gracia. He is the former Commencal Team Leader, both famous and loved by his fans for his competitive streak and fun-loving acrobatic stunts. His pleasing personality and contagious smile often leave his fans in breathless awe. With Gracia leading his pack, the Dirty products will definitely go along way and have a free ride racing downhill and 4X main event which will surely thrill the UCI World Cup.

The Italian company has a lot of extreme bikers on their mind to carry on their product line. However, Cedric Gracia stands out as a perfect illustration of the company’s wild design for the fast and awesome in dirt biking.

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