pinit fg en rect gray 20   CatEye’s Hybrid Lights the Way

cateye’s hybrid lights the way   CatEye’s Hybrid Lights the Way

Every nightrider needs a dependable bike light after the sun sets. Therefore, we’d like to highlight CatEye’s Hybrid: A dual-powered mountable bike light.

Its design allows its user the option of running it on alkaline battery or solar energy, which is stored in a nickel-metal hydride battery. This “green” solution translates into an echo-friendly method for lighting the trails at night.

Winner of the Eurobike Award 2009, the Hybrid has a battery life of 6 hours using the solar cell and 30 hours from an alkaline battery. It also offers constant and flashing modes. The light can be easily mounted to any bike via the FlexTight bracket.

The CatEye Hybrid is an option worth exploring when lighting is key. Its innovative design is sure to increase time spent on the saddle for cyclists looking to ride from dusk till dawn.