pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek Easy Fit Headset

cane creek easy fit headset   Cane Creek Easy Fit Headset

The maker of quality cycling parts, Cane Creek launches the first online headset finder. The site aims to assist you on finding the perfect fit for your bike and the headset. Due to the varied 20 conversion headset configurations, with integrated and semi-integrated standards, this can get confusing to any buyer. has a simplified and organized process that can help you easily find the ideal headset for your ride.

The entire search is easy to do. You just need to type in the bike’s make, model and year. You also have to choose if you are using a stock fork or not. After doing all of this, you just click on the “Next” button and then you will be given the ideal headset(s) for you.

If you have no idea what your bike’s make, model and year is, there is an option wherein you can choose what type of upper head-tube configuration is. Choose from traditional, semi-integrated or integrated, and then you have to give what is your upper head-tube inside diameter measurement. The same procedure goes with the lower head-tube and fork configuration.

The database of headsets is constantly updated with contributions from Trek, Salsa, LaPierre, Specialized, Niner and KHS. It grows in as much as 100 bikes with all their information, per day.