pinit fg en rect gray 20   Beppu No Longer With Skil Shimano

beppu no longer with skil shimano   Beppu No Longer With Skil Shimano

After Fumiyuki Beppu’s admittance of his violation of the UCI rules of the Skil-Shamano cycling team, he was finally let go. Beppu was an ex-member of the Discovery Team and still holds a year in contract with the Japanese team which started last year in Tour de France. But recently, he acknowledged that he came to a verbal agreement to be a part of the American RadioShack without informing his own team.

The Skil team noted that they will only let go of Beppu if he would be proven to have violated the rules of the UCI. Hence, after the 26-year old’s confession of his violation, he was given the option to leave his contract by a certain form of payment through a non-negotiable compensation to his employer. This is to remind him that the Skil-Shimano team is no longer interested to pursue a successful relationship with him.

Skil stated that he does not have any plan of replacing Beppu who is expected to win another major triumph in Europe. Beppu became one of the first two Japanese riders who were able to finish Tour de France, as he and Yukiya Arashiro arrived at Paris as the 2009 Tour ended. At the meantime, Skil said that the team won’t be affected to carry out its mission to give opportunities to other Asian riders just by this sole decision.

According to Skil, his team will continue to pursue its present line-up of riders and prepare heavily for the season ahead. They are confident that their four remaining Asian riders would be contributory to the cycling promotion in Japan and China.

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