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aussie womens cycling has cure   Aussie Womens Cycling Has Cure

Tasmanian rider Amy Cure is making a huge impact on the face of Australian Women’s Cycling, filling her up with a lot of positivity ahead. This 17 year old is the most recent junior world champion in the scratch race and bagged second at the women’s division for the same titles at Moscow last year. During the national titles in Australia, she emerged as the winner at the U19 women’s division with a level of skill that is uncommon for riders her age.

According to Cure, this could have been because she was raised under the diet of track racing by his parent. They would often take her at the Tasmanian Christmas Track Carnivals and their parents would buy them each a bike. And that’s where she takes it from there. She began riding on the road and eventually went into track just for the mere reason that she want to try the best of both worlds.

Her mentors, Darren Pugh and Mathew Gilmore, are both highly impressed with how this rider performs at her best. Gilmore who was famously recognized as a six-day racer for many years is now the lead coach handling the Tasmanian Institute of Sport’s cycling program. As a secret to her success, Cure says she does not know how to give up. “I always go into races to give my all,” she said.

As for her dreams ahead, she does not want to make any grand predictions at the moment. But she cannot deny the fact that she loves to go to the Olympics!