pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

armstrong challenges lieto one on one   Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

Here it comes! Lance Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Ironman champion Chris Lieto for a one-on-one time trial race on the Queen Kamehameha highway in Hawaii.

And do you know how Lance Armstrong sent out his challenge? Via Twitter. It just happens that both Armstrong and Lieto are in Hawaii for training, and both athletes met each other on the highway earlier today.

Twitter fans then read a tweet from the multiple Tour de France winner after they crossed paths, saying that Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Lieto for the one-on-one race.

Here is what went down on Twitter:

Armstrong:Just passed @chrislieto going the other way. He was hammerin. Hey Chris, a little TT showdown on the Queen K tomorrow?

Lieto:see u on the Queen-K! Will have to be after 8am cause I have to swim first. Flying out mid day. Give me a call.

Armstrong:Queen K Hwy TT Challenge. Tomorrow 9:30am. Start – Waikeloa Beach Dr to Kukio Nui Dr. 14 miles. Full gas. Take it easy on me

Fans may know that Lance Armstrong has previously expressed his desire to compete in a triathlon event after retiring (for the second time) from professional cycling, so if this friendly race between him and Lieto happens, it could be a preview of what may transpire during the official triathlon event.