pinit fg en rect gray 20   Applicants for LT 100 To Know By Friday

applicants for lt 100 to know by friday   Applicants for LT 100 To Know By Friday

The official list of the Leadville Trail 100 applicants will be set to be given out by Friday according to the race organizers. The original date was supposed to be February 8 for the automated drawings, which is to be a monumental event for the history of this race.

It was due to a passing away in the family of one of the race organizers which delayed the entire selection activity as informed by the LT 100 PR Manager Kathy Bedell. She assures though that the applicants would surely hear from them by Friday. The race requires the applicants to pay a charge of $15 which is a non-refundable registration fee but the race would be limited to about 1,400 riders only.

Once the applicant gets accepted, a fee of $275 must be paid. Bedell confirms the involvement of a much bigger number of applicants this year due to the buzz that the inclusion of Lance Armstrong made two years ago. For this year, Dave Wiens, Armstrong and Rebecca Rusch are set to race once again.

The organizers are offering the Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler for those who won’t have a chance to get into the 100-miler race of the event.

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