pinit fg en rect gray 20   11th San Dimas Race Set for March

11th san dimas race set for march   11th San Dimas Race Set for March

The 11th annual San Dimas Stage Race will be held this coming March 19 to 21, 2010, and is already seeing a growing list of participants from around the world. From its humble beginnings back in 2000, the San Dimas Stage Race has developed into a world-class cycling event that now attracts some of the best professional and amateur riders from all over the globe.

This year’s event will see riders racing in three stages, with a Kid’s Race set to be held on the last day. Cash prizes are at stake for the 800-plus cyclists that are expected to join, and the event is widely anticipated to be a huge success, both for the competitors as well as for the cycling fans.

Stage 1 of the race will see riders climbing their way through time trials on a 3.8-mile course up Glendora Mountain Road. The experienced climbers will be expected to push hardest past the steep curves of Glendora Mountain Road, as each competitor will be going for their fastest time possible. The first rider will be starting out at 9 AM.

Stage 2 will be held on Bonelli Park, which features a twisting 7-mile course with a couple of sharp but short climbs. The racers will need to make several loops around the circuit, with their respective categories dictating the overall distance they need to complete. The starting time for the first group will be at 7:55 AM, with the last group of cyclists starting at around 1:15 PM.

The 3rd stage of the 11th San Dimas Race will see riders completing their criteriums around Old Town San Dimas. The race will feature fast laps and sharp turns on a 1.2-mile course, with racing times set between 30 to 90 minutes, each depending on the riders’ categories. The race will start at 8:45 AM for the first group.