pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

usa bids to host cyclocross world   USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

The Cyclocross World Championships may be held on American soil for the first time ever — if things work out the way that the team behind the U.S. Gran Prix are hoping it would. Joan Hanscom, the USGP director, confirms that she and Bruce Fina (executive director of USGP) has submitted a bid to UCI to host the event for 2013.

USGP is currently waiting for the official decision from the UCI, but things are already looking bright for the American organization’s hosting bid, if comments from UCI ‘cross coordinator Peter van den Abelee are to be considered.

Abelee said in an interview with the Belgian press that Louisville is currently in the top position for hosting the prestigious event. Hanscom adds that the UCI has already done a site visit, and they are pretty much encouraged by Abelee’s words. This would be the first time that the ‘Cross World Championships would be held outside Europe, if the U.S. bid does get the honor.

Joan Hanscom also says that Sven Nys, the Belgian champ, is having plans to continue racing until 2013 at least if ever the event goes to the USA. “This is a… major step forward for the internationalization of the sport”, Nys had said in an interview with

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