pinit fg en rect gray 20   U 23 Champ Batty In Trek World Racing

u 23 champ batty in trek world racing   U 23 Champ Batty In Trek World Racing

U-23 champion Emily Batty of Canada joins the Trek World racing cross-country team for 2010, along with brothers Mathias and Lukas Flueckiger of Switzerland.

The young but seasoned champ (she turns 22 in June) has ridden for Trek Store Toronto for the past two seasons, and has posted impressive performances for her team, which includes a top-ten finish at the Offenburg World Cup, winning the Sea Otter Classic title, and of course winning the U-23 National Cross-Country last season.

In a press release, Emily Batty says that she’s excited by the next step in her career (moving to Trek World) and is looking to compete for some U-23 trophies, as well as the Swiss Bike Trophy race in Bern and other Canadian Cup events. She’s particularly setting her sights on the World Championships this coming September, where she’ll be racing in front of a home crowd.

Team Director Martin Whiteley is optimistic and impressed with Emily’s talent. He says that it’s rare for young riders in Women’s XC to show potential at an early age, especially in an elite field, and that the Canadian rider has endeared herself to fans and media all over the world.

With Batty signing up along with the Flueckiger brothers, Trek World Racing has its roster complete and set for the 2010 season. The team also has another four riders in their lineup, with the complete roster listed here:

XC Riders:
Emily Batty (CAN)
Lukas Flueckiger (SUI)
Mathias Flueckiger (SUI)

DH Riders:
Justin Leov (NZL)
Tracy Moseley (GBR)
Neko Mulally (USA)
Andrew Neethling (RSA)

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