pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tunebug Shake: A Helmet Mountable Speaker

tunebug shake a helmet mountable speaker   Tunebug Shake: A Helmet Mountable Speaker The Shake, a helmet mountable speaker, was engineered for cyclists by a small innovative consumer electronics company, Tunebug.

Shake is a speaker that aims to offer a safer alternative for cyclists who listen to headphones while riding. By giving its users a surround sound experience without drowning out alerting noises coming from their environment, Shake enables its listeners to avoid potential dangers, otherwise missed when using headphones.

Tunebug’s water resistant portable speaker works with iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, or when used wirelessly via Bluetooth. It features a touch-sensitive on/off and volume up/down control, which could be difficult to operate from its mounting position. Shake mounts to most helmets at an unnoticeable weight to riders.

The device is set to release at the February. With a pre-order price point of $119.95, safety couldn’t be more affordable.