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lake cx170 shoes 300x224   The Lake CX170 Shoes

For $150, the Lake CX170 road shoes are one of the best pairs you can find, and they’re even better than some of the more expensive shoes out there. Try wearing them for a while and your feet start to feel like they are wearing gloves; it’s that comfortable. You’ll notice that they’ll feel broken-in right out of the box. In a nutshell, the Lake CX170 shoes just feel great on your feet.

The Boa lacing system is one of the more special features of the Lake CX170. It uses a rachet system that tightens a wire laced across the shoe’s tongue as you turn a button. The result is a personalized fit that also allows for easy removal by pulling that same button out of the rear of your shoe. Cool, eh?

This feature allows riders to make easy fit adjustments on the fly compared to all those Velcro straps you may find on lesser shoes. It’s even better than the standard rachets on the side of many cycling shoes being sold nowadays. Triathletes will love this shoe, even for its time-saving benefits alone.

Colors: Silver/Black, Black/Silver, White/Red & White/Copper
Sizes: Men’s: 39-48, 50 / 39.5-46.5
Men’s Wide: 39-48, 50 / 39.5-46.5