pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Genesis Flyer

the genesis flyer1   The Genesis Flyer

Genesis introduces its newest (and cheapest) member of their road bikes family — The Flyer. As you might expect from the name, this bike allows you to fly straight off from a dead stop, and can easily and quickly adjust to a change of pace or slope.

You won’t have to worry about getting a low-quality bike, though, because the Flyer packs quite a few punches when it comes to the important details. The looks and performance of this riding machine puts it at par with some of the better road racers out there.

The lightweight ride and handling is responsive, and with the double-butted tubing, fork, and tapered stays, you’ll be riding across uneven roads and bumpy tracks without feeling the bite. This also allows you to enjoy the “spring and float” feeling that steel-frame fans swear by, as compared to alloy-framed machines.

This give-and-take action from the rear of the bike actually increases the contact of the tires to the road, which outperforms alloy bikes with a similar price tag. The fork adds magnificently to the smooth ride and handling of the Flyer, and it just feels great to take this bike and abuse its agility.

The equipment installed on this bike is what you would call inconspicuous. They’re not flashy, but does the job well like they’re supposed to. It looks good on the bike, though. You get better cornering with the Sugino Messenger 167.5mm cranks, and the Shimano UN-53 brackets and Shimano 18-tooth freewheel adds impressive dependability for long-term use.