pinit fg en rect gray 20   The 205 lb. Kitten Bike

the 205 lb kitten bike1   The 205 lb. Kitten Bike

Meet the Kitten — a 205-lb, 7-speed biking behemoth that looks as if the frame was welded together by a drunk mechanic, and then threw in the tires from a dilapidated car.

Yes, folks, this bike uses car tires. And the frame has edges and is boxy, not like the rounded tubing you’d expect. It has headlights, too. About the only things that are recognizable here are the bicycle pedals and the saddle.

The headlights are powered by a solar panel, and you brake by using your foot, not your hands. Well, you don’t have to drag your foot on the road to stop it (fortunately), but you need to step on a pedal that attaches to a pad that comes into contact with the rear tire and stops your two-wheeled car from moving.

Gregory deGouvela is the one responsible for dreaming up this cycling monstrosity, and he is mighty proud of it. He sells this at bigkidbike for $2,000, so if you have the budget and you’re willing to endure (or enjoy) the stares and snickers (probably), then feel free to contact him.

Via BikeRumor