pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Saxo Bank Gets New Minor Sponsor This Year

team saxo bank gets new minor sponsor this year   Team Saxo Bank Gets New Minor Sponsor This Year

After just finding out that Saxo Bank will withdraw their sponsorship after 2010, the team has taken a step in the right direction as US information technology firm SunGard signs on as a co-sponsor for a year. SunGard is one of the largest privately owned companies in the country, bringing in more than $5 billion annually. The firm, according to their Website, “provides software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector. SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software.” “This agreement sends a very strong signal, and it could not come at a better time. It is a real scoop for our team,” said team manager Trey Greenwood to The amount of money SunGard will sponsor is unknown, but it is thought to be anywhere from one to several million dollars. “It is not enough to be a co-sponsor, but it is big enough to change some things for us,” Greenwood said.