pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team BMC Trains in Mallorca, Spain

team bmc trains in mallorca spain   Team BMC Trains in Mallorca, Spain

Five riders from Team BMC have spent two weeks on Spain’s island of Mallorca, as the weather there is much better during this time of year than it is in Switzerland. Riders Martin Kohler, Mathias Frank, Thomas Frei, Florian Stalder and Alex Moos got together and took advantage of the warmer climate in Mallorca. “This is the second year in a row that we have come here to train in December.We make a happy group; we can put in some serious hours every day,” says Kohler. “We’ve had a few rainy days, but it is generally about 13°C, which is great considering we would be facing -3°C at home!” The riders have different schedules, beginning at different times throughout the day. “Some of us start a little earlier so we’ll slip in a few intervals, while some guys like Mathias and Florian have a later start and take it a touch easier. But we’re all basically here to build up our endurance,” Kohler adds. Some big names have been joining the team, and the riders already there are exited about this season. “It has been amazing to watch how the team has been growing, particularly over the last several months. Big names are joining and we can seriously hope to be invited to the biggest races of the year,” Kohler said. “In the big races, I’m sure I’ll work for guys like George Hincapie and Alessandro Ballan, but I’m always hopeful to gain some results of my own,” he adds.