pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sacramento Ranks 4th in U.S. for Bicycle Commuting

sacramento ranks 4th u s bicycle commuting   Sacramento Ranks 4th in U.S. for Bicycle Commuting

Bike Reviews’ hometown, Sacramento, California, ranks 4th in the United States for bicycle commuting according to a national survey published by American Bicyclist. The trend of people riding to and from work, shopping, and other destinations has grown, even the stores have caught on by making it easier to lock your bike up. Some may credit this to the economy which can be true, but for many this is a lifestyle.

Sacramento ranks first in California for bicycle commuting (ties with San Francisco) compared to the 70 largest cities, while ranking 4th in the nation. Locals riding bicycles from the year 2000 to 2008 has jumped 101%. On a national level, the three other locations ranking above Sacramento are Portland Oregon (1st), Minneapolis (2nd), and Seattle (3rd).