pinit fg en rect gray 20   Road Bikes Being Sold at Walmart

road bikes being sold walmart   Road Bikes Being Sold at Walmart

I am sure all of us made a trip to Walmart to pick up maybe paper towels, tooth brush or a video, and sure you may go to the bike section to check out what they have which you will more than likely only see mountain bikes, hybrids and kids bikes. One thing is for sure, we at Bike Reviews have never seen a road bike being sold at Walmart, but with the popularity growing with road cyclists, we have found out Walmart carries road bikes. Although the road bikes for sale are online, this will probably lead to local retail stores carrying the various brands. So far, Walmart online carries Schwinn, GMC, Corsa, Victory, and Kent with most of the bikes containing a affordable price.

Sadly, most Walmart bikes come with problems, mostly due to the in store technicians, but since you can purchase online, assembly is done by you (or a local bike store) which could be better. All in all we think if the recession has got a hold of you, but you want to stay in shape and love road bikes, then purchasing one from Walmart is not a bad choice, as long as you keep in mind about the quality. Sure their are other resources you can purchase a cheap road bike from like eBay or Craigslist, but if you want something brand new then Walmart is worth the look.