pinit fg en rect gray 20   Props Mega Tour 9 BMX Video

props mega tour 9 bmx video   Props Mega Tour 9 BMX Video

Props Mega Tour 9 brought together team riders from Profile Racing, Tree Bicycle Co., Eastern Bikes and Mongoose to travel from Chicago to Minneapolis hitting the best street, parks and dirt the respected areas have to offer. The four teams brought together 20 riders which include Profile Racing: Jeff Klugiewicz, Conall Keenen, Larry Alvarado, Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Matt Coplon (TM), Tree Bicycle Co: Zak Earley, Bobbie Altiser, Eben Fischer, Justin Sexhaur, Nathan Parker, Sam Schulte (TM), Eastern Bikes: Eric Holley, Phil Jones, Adam Banton, Karl Poynter, Leigh Ramsdell (TM), Mongoose: Justin Cobal, Paul Ryan, James Arvett, Greg Illingworth, Miles Rogoish, Chuck Fallon (TM). The BMX video is now available at Dans Comp for $22.99. We added a trailer below you can watch.