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phil wood road hubs   Phil Wood Road Hubs

Phil Wood road hubs brings to the table durability plus an overall smooth ride, and comes in 28, 32, and 26 spoke counts. A huge price difference between the front hub and rear hub, while the front sits nicely centered for the rim, and is optimized for 700c wheels. Phil Wood rear road cassette is available in 130 and 135mm spacing, while you can use with Shimano 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes. You can purchase custom Phil Wood road hubs, giving you the opportunity to get custom hole counts. Lastly, Phil Wood offers a freewheel hub that is available in 120, 126, 130, and 135mm. Retail is $143 for the front hub and $409 for the rear hub.

phil wood road hubs 1   Phil Wood Road Hubs

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