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pedal brain   Pedal Brain

The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch continues to be a prominent means for recording various stats on a ride. The latest addition to the scene is a ANT accessory known as Pedal Brain that works with both Apple products, making it compatible with cycling sensors such as SRM, PowerTap, Quarq, MetriGear and Garmin. It has the capability of keeping tabs on your workouts in real time, which can later be transfered to your computer’s hard-drive for archiving or uploaded straight to Facebook. Through GPS, it can map entire trips, including the change in elevation. The Pedal Brain also has an integrated coaching tool, providing its users with additional assistance for optimal workouts. The unofficial price for the Pedal Brain made from plastic stands anywhere between $130 to $200. The Pedal Brain will also be available in carbon fiber at a higher cost. You’ll also need to obtain a monthly subscription to get the most of it. Otherwise, a free version will function with limitations.