pinit fg en rect gray 20   Paul Martens Threatened by Motorist While Training

paul martens threatened by motorist while training   Paul Martens Threatened by Motorist While Training

The war between motorists and cyclists does not seem to be calming down any, as 26-year-old Rabobank rider Paul Martens was threatened by a driver while he was riding. The source of the rider’s anger is that he “felt that I held him up often in traffic.” The driver was so upset “that he tried to force me into the ditch on an open field,” Martens said on his personal Website. The driver “jumped out of his car like a fury and threatened to hit me, and said that as soon as I started riding again, he would drive me down! You can imagine my shock, because as a cyclist you are helpless against such people,” he said. Luckily, “an attentive and courageous driver stopped and accompanied me” until the situation was calm. It’s a shame that us cyclists have to deal with people like that.