pinit fg en rect gray 20   Parlee Z5 2010 Road Bike Now Shipping

parlee z5 2010 road bike now shipping   Parlee Z5 2010 Road Bike Now Shipping

Parlee is excited for their new Z5 2010 Road Bike, and in fact has just announced they are now shipping, so you can make your purchase. To let you know a little about the Parlee Z5 2010 Road Bike, it is one of the lightest framesets around, while weighing in at 800 grams, mashing comfort, durability plus fitting your needs as a cyclist. Available in 10 different sizes, Parlee Z5 2010 uses a Flex-FitĀ® system. Taking the best of Z1 and Z4, we now have the Z5 which adds to the lineup of other bikes available from Parlee which includes the Z2, Z3, TT, TT Custom, Tou, and CX line. Retail price is $3,900 for a frameset.