pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oscar Freire Will Debut at Giro dItalia in 2010

oscar freire will debut at giro d italia in 2010   Oscar Freire Will Debut at Giro dItalia in 2010

Oscar Freire has enjoyed many Tour de France and Vuelta a España stage wins, but there is one Grand Tour that he has yet to participate in; the Giro d’Italia. That will change this year, as he will begin the race in Amsterdam on May 18th. “As the Giro starts in Holland, the team is interested that I race it. I think the Giro fits well to my characteristics. The finishes are difficult and are more complicated to control by the teams, so that way I can have more opporunities. It would be great to win a stage,” said Freire. He will ride the Tour as well, but this year, he won’t be taking part in the Vuelta. “I will do different preparation for the worlds. Other years I didn’t race the Vuelta and I was good. There’s no problem in that. I’d like to do well in practically all of those races because they’re important,” he said.

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