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organic bikes made from bamboo   Organic Bikes Made From Bamboo

We all know that compared to driving a car around, riding a bicycle is more beneficial to our health, as well as the environment. Bicycles have enjoyed a reputation for being eco-friendly, and deservedly so. However, people so far have only focused on the environmental impact between driving a car or riding your bike.

This time around, the concept of being ‘eco-friendly’ is taken one step further with the development of organic bamboo bikes. Yes, folks, you read it correctly. The company that designs and builds these bamboo bikes is fittingly called Organic Bikes, and they have taken the idea of a ‘green’ bicycle a step beyond what the industry has currently offered.

According to their website, these organic bicycles are made by replacing most of the alloy tubing that is used for building other bicycles, and replacing it with bamboo. The company claims that aside from the environmental benefits of using natural bamboo, the cyclist can also enjoy a more comfortable ride when compared to bikes using alloy frames.

The bikes also feature 100% bamboo fenders and handlebars, plus the remaining alloy that is left on their organic bicycles is also 100% recycled.