pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niklaus Axelsson Positive for EPO; Facing Lifetime Ban

niklaus axelsson positive for epo facing lifetime ban   Niklaus Axelsson Positive for EPO; Facing Lifetime Ban

Swedish cyclist Niklaus Axelsson has tested positive for EPO in a sample that was taken back in September, and he now faces a lifetime ban from the sport. The only thing standing in the way of a continuing career and a lifetime ban is the awaiting of the B-sample test. He also had a positive test back in 2001, at the World Championships in Portugul. He was given a four-year suspension for the offense, but the suspension was later reduced to two years and eight months. According to Swedish newspaper Sportsbladet, the UCI has confirmed the positive test. “According to the information I have, this is EPO. The reason we have not publicised it is that we are awaiting a decision on the B-sample,” said a UCI spokesperson. Anders Karlson, Secretary General of the Swedish Cycling Federation, also confirms; “There is a positive A-sample from September. It is a tragedy,” he said. Axelsson has yet to decide if his B-sample is tested. “It’s up to the cyclist. But it’s incredibly rare for a B-sample to show something different from the A-sample,” Karson adds. Stay tuned to see what happens with Niklaus Axelsson in the near future.