pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

niels albert suffers broken rib by spectator   Niels Albert Suffers Broken Rib From Spectator

Cyclo-cross rider Niels Albert suffered a broken rib on Sunday during the Belgian national cyclo-cross championship. He didn’t fall on his own, though – he was knocked off of his bike by adrunk spectator. The spectator, whose name was not released, said in an interview with Het Niuewsblad that the accident “happened very quickly and I didn’t do it on purpose.” He did apologize to Albert, and did not deny being drunk. The spectator claimed to be a fan of Albert’s, although he was seen standing next to fans of Sven Nys’. Even if he is a fan of Nys’, Nys condemned the incident. “It does not belong in ‘cross. I think sportsmanship is more important than the victory. Such people should be banished for life. I do not want someone like that to be called a supporter of mine. I want nothing to do with them,” he said. Nys went on to win the championship for the seventh time, with Albert finishing ninth.