pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mathias Frank Crashes in Training Ride

mathias frank crashes in training ride   Mathias Frank Crashes in Training Ride

Mathias Frank’s training ride last Thursday did not turn out as he expected. Instead of gaining some improvement in his time and form, the Swiss rider instead suffered a painful crash after getting past the halfway mark on a five-hour ride, which saw him end up with a lacerated left elbow and horrible road rash on both legs.

Frank explained later that the crash happened when he tried to put on his vest during a descent and went off balance. He remains philosophical about the whole thing, saying that “these things happen”. Team doctor Max Testa adds that Frank’s ability to remember everything before and after the crash is an apparent sign that the rider is not suffering from concussions.

The most important thing for the team now is to give Frank lots of time to rest and recover. Testa says that they will be monitoring Frank’s condition around the clock, and after 24 hours of observation, they will be making a decision whether or not Frank will have to undergo further medical tests.