pinit fg en rect gray 20   Manolo Saiz Hopes to Return to Professional Cycling

manolo saiz hopes to return to professional cycling   Manolo Saiz Hopes to Return to Professional Cycling

Four years after being arrested for involvement in the Operación Puerto doping scandal, Manolo Saiz says he’s ready to return to professional cycling. “It’s my world and I must return, it’s only natural,” said the Spaniard. Saiz was arrested after being caught on video meeting with Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes in Madrid, and he was in possession of 60,000 euros. Saiz said that the sum of money was normal for a director on his way to a Grand Tour. “I came out with the same amount of money I went in with, nothing else. I came out of that coffee shop with nothing unusual, the police reports by the Civil Guard made that very clear,” Saiz said. Saiz says that the most difficult part of the ordeal is watching riders of his former teams still enjoying their careers. “Through 2009 I could not watch a bike race. I couldn’t. There were two reasons. The first is that it hurts me to see the lies that live in this sport. The second is that I see the riders who rode in my teams and that it is very, very hard to digest,” he said. “I felt alone. I can say I helped many people [during my management career]. If what happened to me had happened to someone else, I would have defended him. Some people I suppose would like to have called me but have not. In the sport of cycling, they are cowards by nature,” he added.