pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Tires for RadioShack

its hutchinson tires for radioshack   Hutchinson Tires for RadioShack

Team RadioShack has partnered with Hutchinson and will be using their tires for the team’s upcoming events. Hutchinson tires have earned a reputation for being (arguably) the best bicycle tires in the world, and are known for being the winningest tires in the Tour de France with seven titles.

RadioShack is counting on this winning streak to contribute to their own success, and Julien DeVriese, the team mechanic, heartily agrees. “We are ecstatic to have Hutchinson Tires return to our bikes,” he says. DeVriese adds that the tires are of the highest quality and are able to provide excellent protection against flats. “No other tire on the market compares.”

Hutchinson is providing a choice collection of tires for Team RadioShack, including the Intensive 25cm tires for training and Carbon Comp tubular tires for races. The company is also developing new Road Tubeless tires in time for the Paris-Roubaix race this April.

According to Steve Boehmke, the marketing rep for Hutchinson NA, the RadioShack riders and mechanics alike have expressed their excitement and relief to be riding on Hutchinson tires for this season. The company has also announced their plans for introducing Team RadioShack Atom Comp tires before summer.

Via BikeWorldNews