fredrik kessiakoff to be garmin transitions lead man at giro   Fredrik Kessiakoff to be Garmin Transitions Lead Man at Giro

Fredrik Kessiakoff, of Sweden, was a mountain bike rider before taking to the road in 2009 with Fuji. He is now back and ready for 2010, with his new team Garmin-Transitions. He saw over 100 days of racing last year, with two Grand Tour appearances. It seems as if he will be the go-to man for Garmin in this year’s Giro d’Italia. He only had a one year deal with Fuji when he was approached by Garmin in April 2009. He took the offer, partly because of the support for clean racing with the team. 29-year-old Kessiakoff will compete in the Pais Vasco before heading over to the Giro. He may also compete in the Vuelta a España later this year.