pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eugenio Bani Denies "Knowingly" Doping

eugenio bani denies knowingly doping   Eugenio Bani Denies "Knowingly" Doping

Italian cyclist Eugenio Bani has tested positive for the pregnancy hormone HcG, although he denies “knowingly” using any kind of drugs. The 18-year-old claims that the team gave him medication; “I never took substances myself,” he says, and they “forced me constantly to take the substances. I was frequently injected with liquids. I was told they were important for my recovery from races.” Bani has since filed a suit against his former team, Ambra Cavallini Vangi, and they are being investigated. Italian newspaper La Republica said that investigations have found ampoules, syringes, folic acid, vitamins, stimulants, and painkillers. “The only people who were giving me things were from the team,” Bani said of the positive drug test. “The fact is you have to trust the team. That is the system. Otherwise there is no place for you, either there or in any other team. I am convinced that this is the case in many if not all youth teams,” Bani explained. “They said they were vitamins, were taken out of the refrigerator, already packaged in syringes. I have asked many times what was inside and always reassured me: tonics to regain strength. In the end what should you do? You trust them,” he said of the weekly injections. Despite a 21-month ban in Italy, Bani has signed on with Amore & Vita. “We must start from here to review everything. What has happened to me can happen to anyone. I am convinced that I was not the only one who took the substance unwittingly. Only I have tested positive,” he said.