dromarti pista 2010 fixed gear frameset   Dromarti Pista 2010 Fixed Gear Frameset

Dromarti introduces their Pista 2010 fixed gear frameset, which consists of hard chrome and a lot of engravings. To fill you in a bit on Dromarti, they are produced in a workshop in Treviso Italy, utilizing older techniques and created bicycle master pieces out of steel. Now, the Dromarti Pista 2010 Fixed Gear Frameset is light for being constructed out of steel, while weighing in at 1700 grams for a 55cm frame. Upon purchasing you will receive the frame (of course), forks and a Campagnolo record headset. Delivery will take about 12 weeks due to production, and as you can understand amounts are limited. Retail price is $1846.79.