pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dan Fleeman Will Be Publishing Blood Levels Throughout the Season

dan fleeman will publish blood levels throughout the season   Dan Fleeman Will Be Publishing Blood Levels Throughout the Season

Dan Fleeman, British hill climb champion, will be posting samples of his blood regularly throughout the 2010 season, even though he does not have to. He is also paying for the testing out of his own pocket, just to show that he is committed to anti-doping in the sport. The data will be published on the Website “I had a difficult season at CervĂ©lo. My results weren’t as good as I would have liked but I’m training hard for 2010 and very motivated to prove myself in Team Raleigh. With the unfortunate distrust there is within the sport, if I have a great season, some small minded people will point the finger saying that as I’m no longer part of the bio-passport, the temptation to dope may be there. I wish to show that, as I have done throughout my career, an athlete can be competitive in top level cycling without doping,” he said. UK doctor Michael Stokes will be carrying out the testing. “Under the bio-passport, riders have to be tested at least four times in any one year, whereas I will be testing every six to eight weeks. I would have liked to have been tested more often but Dr Michael Stokes, who will be carrying out the tests, advised against this as the volume of blood taken can have a detrimental effect on performance and iron levels,” he added. He will also be emailing his blood levels to the UCI.