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bicycle dreams movie review   Bicycle Dreams Movie Review

Stephen Auerbach was nice enough to send the crew at Bike Reviews a copy of his documentary Bicycle Dreams, so we popped some pop corn, dimmed the lights, and sat back and watch the movie, and prepared ourselves to give a review. Before we jump into our thoughts on Bicycle Dreams, we will give you some information on the movie if you have not heard of it.

Bicycle Dreams captures some incredible cyclists as they cross America on a bike, and they have 10 days to complete. For many, this is a lifetime dream and achievement, but once they hit the roads the hardship of the race starts taking a toll on them day by day. Any more information and we would spoil the movie.

Focusing on the race itself, which is called “Race Across America”, is a bike ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, totaling 3,000 miles. First started in 1983, Race Across America is said to be one of the most challenging sporting events in the world, while cyclists that completed rode over 300 miles a day and slept only a couple of hours a night. Different terrains and weather conditions makes the race more drastic, while many who partake in this just want to finish and are not worried about winning.

Buy: If you are planning to take part in the Race Across America and want to know what your getting yourself into, Bicycle Dreams will give you plenty of insight on what to expect. The movie does a excellent job on capturing the pain in the cyclists and their support team on different levels. Since you can find the movie for $19.99, we feel It’s a nice deal compared to other movies on cycling, which can exceed the $30 mark.

Don’t Buy: Bicycle Dreams is a bit repetitive, due to the commentary (although it gave a great explanation on what is going through the minds with everyone, including the cyclists to personal massage therapists). Lastly, we did think the video should of been a bit more “intensive”, due to the overall circumstances of the race, and how so many cyclists were near death.

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