pinit fg en rect gray 20   Anthony Napolitan on Red Bull

anthony napolitan on red bull   Anthony Napolitan on Red BullBMX star Anthony Napolitan announced his sponsorship with Red Bull via twitter the other day. After receiving his Red Bull helmet in the mail, 23 year-old BMX trick innovator tweeted the news, inadvertently leaking his decision to side with Red Bull’s sponsorship over his previous sponsor, Amp. Napolitan’s exciting news came before an official press release could be issued by either party. His decision to jump ship came after Napolitan learned that Amp riders may instead be representing one of Pepsi’s other brands, Mountain Due. To the young rider, however, a more stable team was preferred thus his decision to go with Red Bull. Though his announcement was premature, Napolitan was given the green by the trendy energy drink company to break the news. An official press release is still in plans of Red Bull and its latest BMX rider.

anthony napolitan on red bull 11   Anthony Napolitan on Red Bull