pinit fg en rect gray 20   7 Year Old Rides for Haiti, Raises $109,000

7 year old rides for haiti raises 109000   7 Year Old Rides for Haiti, Raises $109,000

Charlie Simpson saw some sad images of the Haiti earthquake and knew he had to do something. What many might not know, Charlie Simpson is 7 years old, and what he did next many people young or old have never done. Charlie organized a sponsored bike-a-thon around his park in London, UK. Charlie wanted to raise at least $800 USD, but since he started the UNICEF made a donation of $109,000 USD. Not only has Charlie help make a huge donation, he now holds the record for most funds raised in a single day. Charlie rode 5 miles, which consisted of him riding around South Park in Fulham with his father and a friend, and at 1.5 miles, Charlie was tired, but kept going for Haiti. Great job Charlie, you are a inspiration to all of us.