pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 NAHBS Gets Shimano Sponsorship

2010 nahbs gets shimano sponsorship   2010 NAHBS Gets Shimano Sponsorship

Shimano American Corp. has signed a one-year deal with North American Handmade Bicycle Show Inc. for the title sponsorship of the world’s biggest custom bicycle show. The event’s official name for this year is quite a mouthful: the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Don Walker, the founder and director of the NAHBS, doesn’t mind the long names. He says that he is “thrilled” by the prospect of having Shimano as a title sponsor, and hopes that the deal with the world-leading bicycle components maker will continue on into the future.

Walker also mentions that Shimano has already been involved with NAHBS since 2006, and is delighted that the manufacturer has made a decision to “step up” their association with NAHBS into a full-fledged sponsorship.

Shimano Corp. has always played an active role in NAHBS for the past several years, but only as an exhibitor or low-level sponsor. It was not until this year that the reputable bicycle component manufacturer decided to go for it and play the role of leading sponsor for the event.

Dustin Brady, brand manager for Shimano, says that NAHBS provides a great opportuity for world-class framebuilders to show off their art and skill, and that the company is glad for the chance to “support their customers” through their sponsorship.

NAHBS serves as an excellent venue for communicating and interacting with the framebuilders. It gives Shimano the chance to get in touch with the people who buy and use their products, as well as allowing them to display and demonstrate new equippable component systems like the Dura-Ace Di2 and Ultegra.