pinit fg en rect gray 20   Yahoo! Cycling Team Launches in 2010

yahoo cycling team launches in 2010   Yahoo! Cycling Team Launches in 2010

America’s newest cycling team, coming in 2010, will be team Yahoo!. An online survey was targeted at Silicon Valley, and found that 50% of the people are cycling fans and follow cycling, which encouraged Yahoo! to come on board. Kevin Klein, a former pro, will be taking the reigns as manager. The team will be starting at the grassroots level, and will be based out of California for the first year. “The whole idea behind the Yahoo! Cycling Team is the recruitment of high tech professionals in the Silicon Valley and to provide a platform for partners to achieve more involvement at the community level. If you do it right, everyone should win and grow their business,” says Klein. The team is made up of 15 riders so far, with Klein on the roster as well. “There are veterans, young guys, and professionals on the team which make for a nice mix and spread out,” Klein says. Stay tuned for more news on the Yahoo! Cycling Team.