pinit fg en rect gray 20   UK Cracking Down on Cyclists Who Listen to MP3 Players

uk cracking down on cyclists who listen to mp3 players   UK Cracking Down on Cyclists Who Listen to MP3 Players

To many a cyclist, riding without an mp3 player is leaving home without your wallet. Music really helps to pass time, not to mention it makes your cycling adventures that much more fun when you’re blasting your favorite tunes and rolling down the road. However, this topic is being brought up in a negative way by the UK’s mainstream press. The Times has said that AA president Edmund King had called for a campaign which warns riders against using mp3 players while riding. The article speaks of “iPod zombies” that have “become the latest menace on Britain’s roads,” saying that listening to music is responsible for a rise in cycling collisions and accidents. It is clearly important to be able to see and hear your surroundings for your safety, but this may be a bit of overkill. Currently, the UK has no law banning the use of mp3 players while cycling, but, if you are caught “riding dangerously,” you can be fined.

Via BikeRadar.