pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Milram Training Camp in Mallorca, Spain

team milram training camp in mallorca spain   Team Milram Training Camp in Mallorca, Spain

Team Milram is now enjoying an escape from the cold European weather at their training camp in Mallorca, Spain. “We called together our complete new squad to prepare ourselves together for the important work in the coming season,” said Gerry van Gerwen, team manager. The team consists of 24 riders, with 16 of them being Germans. Their training days began with thirty minutes of walking along the beach, after which comes stabilization training with Milram’s physiotherapists. They would eat breakfast and then ride in the Mallorcan sun for six hours. They split up into groups which target training for specific events like the Tour Down Under or spring classics. They also fine-tuned their bikes and had the usual team meetings and talks. “We can look with confidence to the new year. The signs are there, starting with the meetings to the technical settings on the bikes up to the daily training – everything has gone perfectly. The guys together with our sporting staff and the physiotherapists and mechanics have completed a tough program,” van Gerwen says. Team Milram will be returning home for the holidays on Tuesday.

Via Velo News.