pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Milram to Use Biodegradable Water Bottles

team milram to use biodegradable water bottles   Team Milram to Use Biodegradable Water Bottles

During cycling races, riders throw their empty water bottles to the side of the road. Some of these bottles are picked up by fans, and some are not, leading to littering and pollution. Team Milram, however, will throw on their green hats and do something about the problem. The German cycling team will begin to use biodegradable water bottles, manufactured by its co-sponsor Tacx. “We are very excited about this new innovation from Tacx. This is a necessary step in protecting the environment. In the past few years, we have received emails from people who got upset about the drink bottles thrown away during races,” says team business manager Marlies van Gerwen. Tacx will be providing 25,000 bottles of water throughout the course of the season. The 100% biodegradable bottles are made out of polyethylene with a small amount of master batch.