pinit fg en rect gray 20   Taylor Phiineey Arrives at Trek Livestrong Training Camp

taylor phinney arrives at trek livestrong training camp   Taylor Phiineey Arrives at Trek Livestrong Training Camp

Taylor Phinney has joined his Trek-Livestrong teammates for their first pre-season training camp, alongside Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer’s team RadioShack. Phinney says that the training camp was one of the “biggest training weeks he’s ever done.” “I’m really excited about the team camp. I think it’s going to be a really good time. There’ll be a lot of meetings and it will be good to get to know all of the new guys. They’re from all over the world and from what Axel’s told me they’re good guys and strong riders. Hanging out with Bjorn [Selander] and Sam [Bewley], who went up to RadioShack…well that’s a little reunion right there,” he adds. After a car crash and the removal of his tonsils, Phinney is now able to begin training hard again. “I wasn’t able to train like this for the last two months or so and I’ve just put in one of the biggest training weeks I’ve ever done so it’s really good for the confidence. I feel fine, I feel healthy and I feel fit. It’s like I’m having my own little comeback,” Phinney says. The camp will run until Sunday, and during that time, the full Trek-Livestrong lineup will be revealed.