pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sergio Dominguez Munoz May Not Be Returning

sergio dominguez munoz may not be returning   Sergio Dominguez Munoz May Not Be Returning

Sergio Dominguez Munoz was involved in a serious accident at this year’s Vuelta a Espana, and its been three months since his release from La Paz hospital in Madrid. He wants to return to cycling, but it may be physically impossible. “It seems the medical prognosis for my rehabilitation is advanced, and this Friday I will undergo an MRI which will determine whether, as anticipated, I will remove the [neck] brace and properly start my rehabilitation,” says Munoz. His crash took place during the penultimate stage in the Vuelta this year, after colliding with rocks alongside the road. His rehabilitation will take a long time, but he’s confident that he will be able to make a return. “I feared for my life, I thought that was it for me. But now what worries me most is that my career is in grave danger,” Munoz says. “Nobody has called me to inquire ahead of next season, except the people on my team, which gives me some hope, but the prospects are not optimistic. It is a great pity that such a great project, with so many people involved, is terminated,” he adds.