pinit fg en rect gray 20   Quick Step Having Financial Difficulties

team quick step having financial difficulties   Quick Step Having Financial Difficulties

Team Quick Step is going through some financial troubles going into the 2010 season, admits the team’s general manager Patrick Lefevere. The team has no plans to sign any additional riders for next year. “We need to start the next season with 26 or 27 riders, and I don’t have any hope of increasing the number of riders,” Lefevere said to Gazet van Antwerpen. Less riders means less races in 2010 for Team Quick Step. “In May, the Giro, the Tour of Belgium and the Tour of California are all running almost simultaneously. We will have to skip one of these races. I have to fight to find the money and it still remains to be seen whether I have the money for Allan Davis,” Lefevere adds. Allan Davis announced that he was leaving the team earlier this month, but Lefevere doesn’t plan to let him go for free. “I will hold him to his contract with Quick Step. The time is finally over when I will riders leave for free,” he said.